9.25.19 Happy Hour Hike in celebration of National Women’s Health & Fitness Day


Provide accessible healing hikes & gatherings for women in order to improve overall health and wellbeing.


The hive was founded in March 2019 to introduce diverse women to the outdoors. There was an essential opportunity to bring women together from all backgrounds, ethnicities, shapes and sizes to hike as a form of internal and external healing.

Additionally, this group was formed to build a community of women that want to prioritize their self-care while connecting with other likeminded women.

Founder & Healing Hike Host

“One day the idea just came to me…and I thought, it would be so amazing to bring women together to hike for their physical and mental health while creating a community where they feel free to share whatever is on their minds or bogging them down. So I just did it… I finally put it out there and received so many positive responses.”

-Brandi Nicole

Brandi Nicole, MHA/MHE Life Wellness & Holistic Health Coach

I am extremely dedicated to women’s overall wellness. Before completing my dual master’s degree in Health Education & Health Administration, I decided to create something on my own outside of the corporate setting. My passion for wellness promotion for women has fueled me.

With my passion in mind, after receiving so many positive responses of women who were interested in trying hiking for the first time or wanting to have a group to engage and connect with, I organized our first hike in May 2019.

My vision is to create a safe space where I can build a strong community of women who want to prioritize their self care while connecting women together in a powerful and healing way.

As an extension of Hike & Heal, I am here as a resource for women, especially those who feel that they have been ignored or neglected within the wellness world. My most recent project, is curating and leading women’s healing circles.

Find out more and stay up to date with my passion projects and healing services!