Welcome to Hike+Heal

Hike+Heal is a women’s hiking hive offering healing hikes to increase overall wellness: physically, mentally and spiritually. This group was created to build a community of women who want to prioritize their self-care.

Our hikes start off with a warm up and intention setting. We then hike to our halfway mark and take a “Mindfulness Break” where we are led through a community stretch & reflection. Our hikes are open to all fitness levels.

Hike + Heal is a safe space for women to share their stories while fostering a strong sense of community, and making time spent outdoors & self-care accessible to all.

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Pop-Up Hikes

Each month we host a healing hike for women. Our healing hikes are a wonderful opportunity for women to make, renew, and revitalize their commitment to live healthier lives. Our hikes are open to ALL women of all fitness levels. No hiking experience necessary! 

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Vibe with the HikeHive 

Each month we host a social event to connect with women who have or have not attended our hikes. This gives our hike hive hunnies the opportunity to pick up on connections they have already made and/or vibe with women they haven’t yet had a chance to connect with. 

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Partner with us…

We are looking to network with health, fitness and wellness brands who offer quality products, services, you name it! Hike & Heal would like to create wellness experiences for our community of women while growing our brand. We are also currently accepting sponsors for future events. For more info email us at hive@hikeandhealwellness.org